Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Missouri Quilt Company

Has become my favorite go-to quilting website. I made this braid quilt using the binding tool following a tutorial I found on Missouri's website.

I quilted it with my favorite Circle Lord board Swirls.

I did this table runner for Delores.
I edited the picture so you can see the quilting better.

I used the panto Antique Lace and placed the panto so it went right down the middle of the runner than added in some quilting on the edges.

Another table runner, this time for Bonnie.

Just like Bonnie's runner, I ran the panto(Holly Ribbon) down the middle of the runner.

I love the backing on this; it could almost be reversible.

Today I'm finishing up another one of Delores' quilts.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back at it

We've been home from Vancouver Island for a week and I jumped right back into work once we got home.
I did this beautiful quilt for Faye using Bountiful Feathers.

One of my favorite feather pantos.


For Bonnie

Bonnie is going to scallop the border of her quilt so I quilted morning glory in the quilt body and a feather in the border so she can echo the curve in the feather for the scallops.

And for Betty, quilted with wildflower.

I got a little something for myself finished while we were away; I'll show that to you next time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The last two weeks

Have almost been a blur. March 18th, Dave ended up in the hospital. We learned that he had had 3 heart attacks. The next day, he had another. He was moved to a larger hospital where he had an angiogram done and 2 stents put into the main artery in his heart. And he was actually home the next day! 

Last week I spent it trying to keep him resting; that was harder than you would think lol. In between getting after Dave to rest, I did manage to get some client quilts done.

Jeanne made this quilt; I quilted it with the pantograph Tendril.

For Shawna, this lovely modern quilt.

I used the Circle Lord board Bubbles for this one.

Dave and I are off to Campbell River for a few days where hopefully we can both relax.  I started on a triple Irish Chain quilt for my daughter in laws parents that I am hoping to finish while we are there.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How fun

Is this quilt Granine made?

Quilted with the Circle Lord board Swirls

So fun! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Back in December

Carol dropped off a stack of quilts and said to call her when they were finished. Here's what she brought in.

This adorable baby quilt.

I did my favorite panto for baby quilts, Angel Wings.
 I love how it looks on the minkee back.

A fun Dr.Suess quilt.

I used the Square Dance board for this one.
Isn't the back fun?

A jelly roll race quilt quilted with Luau.

I really love the look of this pantograph.

And this quilt for her husband quilted with trout.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wee Care

I finished up my two Wee Care quilts. Both were quilted with Water.

I still have the binding to finish up on this next one.

I backed them with the cutest flannel.

I also got Penny's quilt completed. I really love this quilt.

The water pattern was a perfect choice for this quilt.

And got this cute one for Gail quilted up as well.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


On Valentine's Day, I ended up taking dear hubby into our local hospital; he was experiencing chest pains. After many hours of him being hooked up to various machines; we were told he was okay and that a stress test should be done. 
A few days later, Dave went to the doctors where he was told that he was in great health and nothing was wrong. Turns out, something is wrong. 
This past Friday, Dave had a stress test where we learned that he has at least one blocked artery and will have to have surgery. Thankfully Dave has always lead a very active lifestyle so this showed up earlier than it would have if he was more inactive, so now we wait for surgery.

As a result, we've been staying pretty close to home which has given me opportunity to finish some quilts of my own.

I finished this quilt for the Wee Care our guild does. 

I have a second similar one almost pieced as well.

I got my pinwheel sampler quilted!

I quilted it with water; that board has quickly turned into my go-to for quilting. I backed this with a fabulous variegated fabric. Sadly the colours just didn't show up in the picture I took.

This is my favorite block.

Today it is back to work. We got a dumping of snow on the weekend so I just snuggled in front of the fire and relaxed instead of quilting. Still too much snow in our driveway yesterday to be open; it's raining now so the snow is quickly washing away.

Today I am going to finish up this lovely quilt of Penny's.

Maybe when I am finished, I can complete my other Wee Care quilt. Have a lovely Tuesday.