Tuesday, March 20, 2007

customer quilt

pattern used-BellaDonna by Lorien


pattern used-Fantasia by Lorien

Thursday, March 8, 2007

spiral lonestar

work in progress

this is another quilt for LindaB. lots of custom work

free motion quilting

some of my personal favorites all freehand quilted. the orange/purple quilt was quilted on an industrial sewing machine

me and miss milley

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cindy's quilt

quilt pattern used-Inkblot by WillowLeaf Designs

Dave's quilt

Dave and a friend made a trade-a quilt for a new gun. the gun wasn't for me so i told Dave he would have to do the quilt himself. he did a really good job of it. I really did not want an antique gun!

quilt pattern used Morning Glory by Dave Hudson

quilt by Linda B

for her teaching class at A Quilted Stitch in Fort Langley. quilt pattern used-Feathered Curls by Timeless

feathered curls

first time with a velvet backing
Darling Daughter put this picture on here - I do not like it. A simple example of having the back of the quilt which is Cotton Velvet in this case, too tight on the rollers. Not one of my best examples, but hey, we all have off days. However, the pattern, Feathered Curls by Timeless, is just one of my favourites of all.

Hannah's quilt

pattern used-Whatever by Keryn Emmerson

Linda B's quilt

quilt pattern used Tangles by Donna Reinarts

Melody's Quilt

Cascade Pattern by Keryn Emmerson