Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Table Quilt


Here's another quilt I finished for myself over the weekend. This one will go on the dining room table.

I used Moda Shangri-La fabric and a pattern I borrowed from someone. I quilted it with the Lithe pantograph by Willowleaf Studios and P97 Genziana thread on the top and bottom.

Lithe is so easy for beginners. I'd really recommend it.

This is what happens when a friend comes to stay with me for the weekend... Greta came for a visit and brought two quilts that she wanted quilted. I set her up on my Millie and said, "Go for it!" She did gooood... although I'm thinking I should have set her up on Rhonda's Liberty!!

Happy Quilting,


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SandyQuilts said...

What kind of batting do you use for your table cloths?

Very pretty piece ... hmmm I might have to purchase that panto ... I like it.