Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bag Making

We had my Father-in-law's funeral this week, so last week consisted of helping set up for the service, picking up family members for airports and just getting together as a family. In all that, we even had a birthday. Our oldest grandson turned 14.

The service was lovely. Thank you all for you kind words regarding my Father-in-law's passing. At 98yrs old, every year we had with him was a gift.

Saturday my daughter-in-law Erica, daughter Rhonda and cousin Melody decided we needed to make handbags. Before we started we went off for a quick fabric pick-up to Hamels!

Our pattern of the night, the Buttercup Bag. Erica decided to make her's the regular size with a fabric strap. The rest of us went with the larger bag and fashion handles.

Just over 3 hours later, we had 4 bags finished! I love how super easy this pattern is. We did change it a bit and added some pellon to the lining to stiffen the bag up a bit more. We also changed the pleats in the front of the bag and added an inverted pleat to the middle instead of having the pleats go all in the same direction.

Here's my completed bag.

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