Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quilt Show Countdown

Our local Quilt Guild is having a quilt show October 24th. I started this New York Beauty in 2004. Yes, you read that right 2-0-0-4. I think it is time to finish it.

So I decided I want to enter it into the quilt show. Which means finishing it NOW. I had one of my grandsons spend the night last night and he so kindly sorted my 3 bins of batik fabrics into color groups so it is easier for me to pick the colors I want to use.

I am working on the borders for the quilt. I've had the center finished for awhile now. I love how the colors flow.

Underneath this mess(all the bits are the leftovers from each border section. I wanted to keep them separate so I didn't end up putting any fabrics in twice) is the finished section. Anyone want to help clean up?

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Jenn said...

oh wow! i can't wait to see it done!