Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Design Walls

Every quilters should have a design wall.

Mine is realitvely simply; styrofoam core sheets covered with some diaper flannel and glued to the wall(glued since my studio used to be a garage and the walls are all brick). You can go simpler than this and just get a flannel backed tablecloth and tack that up to your wall as well.

Soon after my wall was 'installed', I lost it behind shelves of thread.

And if you don't have quilt blocks to put on your wall, you can always hang a quilt top or two for inspiration.

No space at all for a design wall? When you are laying a quilt out, take a picture of it before you sew it together. It is amazing to see what the camera picks up that your eyes may miss.

Happy Quilting!

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Peg said...

Good idea taking a picture - another way to 'see' a block is looking through a little peep-hole (for doors), brings everything into focus.