Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Back in September, we had the exterior of our house painted. Not the entire house as it is brick, but the back(yucky stucco) and the side the studio desperately needed some updating.

It looks so much nicer now; I love the color. We matched it to some of the brick in the front of the house.

We also had a BIG change done in the front yard. We had this big lovely tree. It had gotten so big even the guy we hire to hang the Christmas lights on was refusing to hang them anymore. And the tree was too big to top; the shape would just be too off. So we had it removed.

I'm still not used to not having the tree there. Or how big our house looks with the tree gone. We will be planting a new tree or two come spring to replace this one.

Now it's time to get the pumpkins put away and finish bringing out all the Christmas decorations!

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