Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And the snow came

All fall we were hearing how this would be one of the worse winters on record for our area. As we waited, we were enjoying warmer than usual temperatures until the weekend that is.

It has been snowing heavily on and off since Saturday and today we have very cold temperatures and strong winds. So strong that we don't have to shovel the front walkway but we may not get our cars out until spring.

Love that snow drift!

I've been working on a few unfinished Christmas presents.
I made these for some gifts and finally got my own finished up.

And a few of these.
Sorry about the blurry picture!

My favorite part is the hint of silver thread in the stitching.

I also got my cat wall hanging finished.

Each block is quilted differently. This one is my favorite.

I'm working on a little tutorial to show you. Hopefully it turns out! I'll post that tomorrow if it does.

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