Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Christmas Finish

Rhonda and I completed the quilts for our pastors with little time to spare. We both spent Christmas Eve afternoon hurrying to finish the binding so we could bring the quilts to our Christmas Eve service. But finish them we did.
This first quilt is for our senior pastor. The fabrics are all similar in the 3 quilts so we did different borders on them to set them apart from each other.

quilted with Holly Ribbon
Chai just had to get in there too.

Next for our elder pastor. I love the border on this one.

quilted with Holly and Poinsettia

And the third quilt, for our youth pastor.

quilted with Mini Starflower

I'm taking this week off and planning on spending it working on a few quilts of mine. Hopefully I'll have a finish to show you later this week.

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Andy said...

Wow, you gals are amazing! Not to mention generous! I can relate to the whole 'binding on Christmas Eve' thing..been there, done that!