Thursday, January 26, 2012

Down for the Count

I am sick. Yet again. Seems to be an ongoing thing for the past few months. I dragged myself off to the doctors yesterday; I have to go in for a full bloodwork up and some nasal xrays. I really just would like to feel better!

Before I got sick, I quilted this beautiful quilt for Shirley. She picked up the variated fabrics in Alaska; aren't they stunning? This quilt is a gift for her grandson's 18th birthday.

I also quilted this lovely one for Wilma. Isn't it striking?

One of the prettiest stack and whack quilts I have seen.

I know in my last post I promised a little tutorial to show you, I'm hoping to get that up tomorrow.


Terri in BC said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I was going to call to make an appointment on Saturday to get a quilt done, but I'll hold off since you're not feeling well and it will be a "first-timer" appointment.

Barb said...

Beautiful quilts!!!