Friday, June 22, 2012


Wednesday and Thursday we had a tease of summer. It was so hot I almost had Dave drag out the air conditioners for the studio. But today it's back to pouring rain. So what do you do when you should be outside enjoying summer? You rip apart your fabric closet. I really should have taken some pictures. I ended up donating 5 large garbage bags of fabric to my local guild. I know the fabric will be put to good use. And now my family is all placing wagers on how long it will take me to fill the room back up again lol.

I had some free time earlier this week and got a ufo finished up. I made this quilt (the awesome quilt from Moda BakeShop last year at a quilting retreat. 

I used my Circle Lord swirls; I love my Circle Lord.

Jim and Rhonda are away for the weekend so I don't think I'll get any quilting time with the grandsons here. They will all be pretty excited that today is the last day of school. Bring on summer!

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