Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The last two weeks

Have almost been a blur. March 18th, Dave ended up in the hospital. We learned that he had had 3 heart attacks. The next day, he had another. He was moved to a larger hospital where he had an angiogram done and 2 stents put into the main artery in his heart. And he was actually home the next day! 

Last week I spent it trying to keep him resting; that was harder than you would think lol. In between getting after Dave to rest, I did manage to get some client quilts done.

Jeanne made this quilt; I quilted it with the pantograph Tendril.

For Shawna, this lovely modern quilt.

I used the Circle Lord board Bubbles for this one.

Dave and I are off to Campbell River for a few days where hopefully we can both relax.  I started on a triple Irish Chain quilt for my daughter in laws parents that I am hoping to finish while we are there.

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