Friday, June 27, 2014

A few months ago

Rhonda had a quilt come in that was a train panel. My brother in law adores trains and with his 80th birthday approaching(it was yesterday), I knew I wanted to make him the quilt.
I ended up getting the last kit from the store and the kit sat and sat waiting for me to make it. When I finally opened it last weekend, I decided to make the quilt differently from what the pattern wanted.

I backed the quilt with a snuggly minkee. My brother in law recently fell and ended up having hip replacement surgery so I wanted the quilt warm for him.

I kept the quilting minimal and use my Circle Lord board Water for the quilting.

Ted called last night to thank me for the quilt. He was almost speechless he was so thrilled with his quilt. That is why we make them for those special to us isn't it?

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