Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Sylvia is a new client. She brought in a lovely baby quilt. She took a baby print and backed it with a satin fabric.

The quilting looks so pretty on the backing.
 I went with one of my favorite kid pantographs, Angel Wings.

This next quilt turned into something very unexpected. When I started quilting, I quickly realized that all the white stripes in the fabric were a flange.

As a result, I couldn't go ahead with just quilting as the flanges were folding back and forth; it was a mess. Rhonda suggested that I tape the fabric down and this is what we ended up with.

Not at all pretty but it did the trick. I was able to do the quilting.

Once the quilt was finished, I peeled off all the tape. And dug out little bits that stuck under the stitches. 
You would have never guessed looking at the quilt.

The pattern Erin suited the quilt perfectly.

I'll admit that I was happy to see this one go home.

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