Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello, is anyone out there?

We've been back for just over two weeks and I jumped right back into quilting when we got home. Before I show you some recent pictures, I never got around to posting the pictures of Terri's quilts before I left.

First, this gorgeous Asian inspired stack n whack quilt.

I used an older panto called Autumn Whirl. 

Terri designed this gorgeous quilt. 
She even dyed some of the fabrics to get the perfect match.

We kept the quilting simple; I did circles inside the circles and some water stitching in the backgrounds.

The quilting just pops on the backing.

And this lovely modern quilt.

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I quilted it with one of my recent favorites, Wanderers.

Looking forward to what Terri comes up with next.


Terri in BC said...

Beautiful quilts - one day I want to try a stack 'n whack!

Terrie's Lakeside Quilting said...

I have all the bindings done... will post pictures soon...

Terrie's Lakeside Quilting said...

Terri, that is a one-block wonder in the turquoise.

WildWoolies said...

Awsm work Terri! love it!😊