Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Secret sewing

Rhonda has been busy making 4 graduation quilts for next month. The deadline for 2 was moved up 3 weeks and with how busy we've been in the studio, she was running out of time. I offered to give her a hand with piecing one of the quilts. Dave was away fishing for the weekend so it gave me something to do.

Rhonda and I spent Sunday afternoon together and got another quilt finished and the third just needs borders. She may get them finished just in time.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello, is anyone out there?

We've been back for just over two weeks and I jumped right back into quilting when we got home. Before I show you some recent pictures, I never got around to posting the pictures of Terri's quilts before I left.

First, this gorgeous Asian inspired stack n whack quilt.

I used an older panto called Autumn Whirl. 

Terri designed this gorgeous quilt. 
She even dyed some of the fabrics to get the perfect match.

We kept the quilting simple; I did circles inside the circles and some water stitching in the backgrounds.

The quilting just pops on the backing.

And this lovely modern quilt.

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I quilted it with one of my recent favorites, Wanderers.

Looking forward to what Terri comes up with next.