Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 6, 2017

Dina picked up this antique quilt while on holidays.  The beige is feed sacks, with writing and stains on the.  We quilted it with "Camelias", such a pretty quilt.

Dolores memory quilt was quilted with a Meander, envelopes hold a message to her from quilting friends.

Brenda's quilt for her RV is a lovely selection of flannel fabrics.  Quilted with "Grape Leaves", suits the quilt.

Diane's toddler quilt is just lovely.  The soft colours and fabrics are complimented with the hot pink border and thread with pantograph "Dear Heart".  Such a pretty quilt for a little girl.

Hamel's blue batik was quilted with Starflower, from the border fabric.

Hamel's   Laundry Basket pumpkin quilt was quilted with a meander.  Such a pretty quilt.

Hamel's "whale" quilt was quilted with Circle Lord "Wave"

Kathy's baby quilt was quilted with "Mini Starflower", such a pretty Christmas quilt.

Another baby quilt from Kathy was quilted with "Volkswagon"

Pat's brown & beige quilt was quilted with Tivoli, love how this pattern fit Pat's quilt so nicely.

Jane's white/grey/black quilt is so striking.  Quilted with Cinnamon, such a pretty quilt.

Brenda's quilt is hand pieced, so flat and nice to quilt.  Quilted it with Tivoli which matches the pattern in the sage green fabric.

Kelly's purple/white quilt is gorgeous.  Quilted with Tivoli.

Carol's Judy Neimeyer quilt "Thistle Pods" is just beautiful.  Quilted with Dandelion.

Maxine's baby quilt is so cuddly and soft.

Irene's yellow/grey quilt was quilted with Loop the Loop.  I really like this one.

This T-shirt quilt is a memory quilt for the Terry Fox Museum.  The T-shirts are his with one on the back covered with signatures from those who ran with him or worked as a volunteer in his cross Canada running.  Sharon pieced this quilt flat and square, quilted with "Cotton".